Dr Dan Donner is a doctoral graduate from Griffith University on the Gold Coast (Australia) and Research Officer of Microsurgery, Imaging and Scientific Rigour. Dr Donner is also a member of the Menzies Health Institute of Queensland and Associate Member of the Endocrine Society and International Society for Heart Research. Most recently, Dr Donner completed his Postdoctoral Training in Cardiology Research Microsurgery at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and saw his latest research on improving Scientific Rigour featured by the American Physiological Society.

Since 2016, Daniel has appeared on national and regional television and national radio for his expertise in discussions of masculinity, the hypocrisy of the modern "Alpha Male" and its subsequent lack of social utility and wasteful manifestations in body dysmorphia and steroid abuse. Dan is also a frequent speaker at international medical and scientific society conferences and is internationally recognised for his expertise in endocrine (hormone) and cardiovascular research.

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Dr Daniel Donner has been involved in a rapidly growing number of medical research projects, including 30+ preclinical cardiology studies currently being performed in collaborations across both academia and industry. He has presented his research at international conferences in major international cities including Dubai, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and is a member of numerous medico-scientific societies and communities.

Dr Donner's areas of medical research expertise extend across the fields of: endocrinology (hormones), cardiovascular physiology (heart and blood vessels), obesity and metabolic disease, osteology (bone) and genetics. He has recently been invited to discuss his latest meta-research on scientific rigour for the American Physiological Society.

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Cattle Steroids in the Treatment of Obesity in Aging Males

In 2011, Dr Daniel Donner began a 5-year project to investigate an anabolic steroid originally designed for cattle and its potentially therapeutic effects in treating obesity, diabetes and heart disease, particularly in aging men with low testosterone. In 2015, the journal Endocrinology published a peer-reviewed scientific article by Dr Daniel Donner et al., titled “Trenbolone […]

Firm, Fat Bellies and Small, Brittle Bones

“Low levels of testosterone and visceral obesity often present together and result in harmful effects on bone. Now we’ve shown that they each contribute to the problem independently.” In October 2015, the journal Osteoporosis International published an article by Dr Daniel Donner et al., titled “The effects of visceral obesity and androgens on bone: Trenbolone […]

A Text Book Chapter on the Diabetic Heart

In 2012, Assoc Prof Eugene Du Toit and Dr Daniel Donner co-authored a chapter titled “Myocardial Insulin Resistance: An Overview of Its Causes, Effects, and Potential Therapy” in the text book Insulin Resistance published by InTechOpen. The text book chapter discusses the causes of insulin resistance in the cells and tissues of the heart and […]

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Dr Dan Donner has completed four tertiary degrees in the past 10 years, including a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (2008), a Masters of Medical Research (2010) and a Graduate Certificate in Research Management (2011). Having received the Australian Postgraduate Award to commence his doctoral studies in 2011, Daniel graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy (Biomedical Science; PhD) degree in 2015, the thesis of which described the potentially therapeutic effects of designer steroids in aged hypogonadal male populations in comparison to the pronounced deleterious effects of traditional testosterone replacement.

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Dr Dan Donner guests on the “Deconstructing Humans” Podcast

In 2018, Dr Dan Donner was invited as a guest onto the Deconstructing Humans podcast with James Carson to discuss a range of topics affecting younger generations of men today. In this interview, James and Dan discuss: Attitudes towards Adversity Underwear Modelling and Body Image Studying from High School through to Doctorate Steroid Abuse and […]

Today Show: “Muscle Addiction and the Steroid Epidemic with Dr Daniel Donner”

On Tuesday, 16th March 2016, Dr Daniel Donner was invited onto the Today Show Extra with David and Sonia to discuss the issues presented by the national steroid epidemic. The story helps to share the story of a former image-enhancing substance abuser James and to shine the spotlight on the true impact steroid abuse can […]

ABC Radio: “Tackling the Steroid Epidemic with Dr Dan Donner”

Mornings – 11 March with Nicole Dyer on 91.7 ABC Gold Coast Queensland had the highest arrest data of any state according to the 2014 Crime Commission Illicit Drug Data. Nicole: Dr Dan Donner is a steroid researcher and PhD Graduate from Griffith University and he joins me now. Dr Donner good morning. Dr Donner: […]

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In the previous 5+ years, Dr Dan Donner has fulfilled roles as a university lecturer, practicum coordinator, senior tutor and higher education (teaching and learning) researcher.

In recognition of his expertise in testosterone research, Dr Donner has now designed and delivered university lectures on endocrinology (hormone science) for a range of university courses including: Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Advanced Anatomy & Physiology Systems II, Cells Tissues and Regulation, Cell Biology, Genes & Disease, and Clinical Anatomy & Physiology.

Since beginning his career as an academic, Dr Donner has received over 200 formal nominations for teaching awards from both students and peers and, in 2011, was awarded the Griffith University Award for Excellence in Teaching (University Medal).

As a passionate educator and teaching professional, Daniel has also been actively involved in the design, coordination, execution and publication of peer-reviewed scientific articles which describe novel curricular enhancements which improve health student learning and retention at the university level.

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Associate Professor Donna Sellers Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine at Bond University

"Having worked with Dan via a research collaboration I can highly recommend him as professional, capable and collegial researcher."

Dr Jess Vanderlelie Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer at Griffith University

"Dan is an exceptionally motivated and talented researcher and teacher. He conducts himself with the utmost professionalism and inspires those he teaches to achieve their best."

Associate Professor Belinda Beck Director of Research at The Bone Clinic

"Dan ticks all the boxes an employer would want. He is smart, capable, self motivated, focused, savvy but self deprecating and a pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any job he felt he was capable of."

Associate Professor Nigel Morrison Cell Biology of Bone Research Lab Head

"I have known Dan Donner in my capacity as a research and teaching academic at Griffith University for five years during the period when he was an undergraduate and graduate student and a class tutor. During that time I have been consistently impressed with his professionalism in teaching students and in his capacity to present his research findings at scientific meetings and in the quality and depth of his knowledge in private scientific discussion."

Professor Mark Forwood Head of School of Medical Science at Griffith University

"Dan has developed into an outstanding academic who is an excellent teacher and dedicated research scientist. He contributes to all aspects of academic service and is an asset to our School. He understands the importance of translating research in to practice, and educating the public about health from the standpoint of scientific evidence."

Dr Andrew Bulmer Senior Lecturer and Laboratory Head

"As an academic working in a complex work environment, we're always looking for people to take initiative, lead and drive new ideas. Dan fits that bill perfectly, working as part of a team comes naturally to Dan, however, he's happy to take on added responsibility and lead when necessary. Great team members are few and far between, I'd welcome Dan to my team, if I had the opportunity to employ him."