Today Show: “Muscle Addiction and the Steroid Epidemic with Dr Daniel Donner”

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On Tuesday, 16th March 2016, Dr Daniel Donner was invited onto the Today Show Extra with David and Sonia to discuss the issues presented by the national steroid epidemic.

The story helps to share the story of a former image-enhancing substance abuser James and to shine the spotlight on the true impact steroid abuse can have on the user both short- and long-term, their family and the greater public.

Although the problems associated with steroid abuse are difficult to distill into predictable side effects, Dr Daniel Donner sees great potential for novel “next generation steroids” to be viable treatments for a range of diseases.

“That’s the problem with the issue, the side effects are so variable, if you were to boil it all down, the [short term] side effects of being on steroids are like going through puberty all over again.” – Dr Daniel Donner

The long term effects of steroid abuse are very similar to those associated with ageing in males, all associated with similarly low testosterone levels which occur during recovery from steroid abuse. Low testosterone levels are strongly linked with premature hair loss, osteoporosis, muscle wasting, obesity and diabetes.

“But replacing testosterone with testosterone in older men, or in men who have abused steroids in the past, can actually cause more problems than it solves. It’s complicated, but essentially there is a reciprocal ‘back and forth’ relationship between obesity and low testosterone that, once started, takes innovative approaches to stop.”

Full video available on 9NOW – TODAY 2016 MUSCLE ADDICTION

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