Dr Dan Donner Invents New Cardiology Imaging Approach for Fujifilm Visualsonics

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In February 2020, Dr Dan Donner was invited to present an extensive webinar on his use of industry-leading high-frequency high-resolution ultrasound in cardiology research for Fujifilm’s Visualsonics, based in Toronto, Canada. Dr Donner, an established researcher with interests and expertise in improving the quality and reproducibility of cardiology research, shared with viewers how his platform […]

Dr Donner Wins 2019 Early Career Investigator Prize at Heart Research Awards

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In 2019, Dr Dan Donner travelled to Beijing China to present findings of a revolutionary new application for existing ultrasound technology. Previously, extremely expensive cardiac MRI machines have been required to assess the damage caused to hearts during/following a heart attack. In preclinical cardiology studies, which intend to expand our knowledge of how hearts work […]

Dan Donner Discusses Adversity and Ambition on “Deconstructing Humans” Podcast

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In 2018, Dr Dan Donner was invited as a guest onto the Deconstructing Humans podcast with James Carson to discuss a range of topics affecting younger generations of men today. In this interview, James and Dan discuss: Attitudes towards Adversity Underwear Modelling and Body Image Studying from High School through to Doctorate Steroid Abuse and […]

American Physiological Society Discusses New Research Findings with Dr Dan Donner

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In early 2018, Dr Dan Donner conducted a research investigation led by A/Prof Julie McMullen (Baker Institute Domain Head) and Prof Tom Marwick (Baker Institute Director) to observe and report on the effectiveness of training cardiology researchers in new skills once they leave university. The work revealed that left to their own devices, cardiology researchers […]

Cattle Steroids in the Treatment of Obesity in Aging Males

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In 2011, Dr Daniel Donner began a 5-year project to investigate an anabolic steroid originally designed for cattle and its potentially therapeutic effects in treating obesity, diabetes and heart disease, particularly in aging men with low testosterone. In 2015, the journal Endocrinology published a peer-reviewed scientific article by Dr Daniel Donner et al., titled “Trenbolone […]

The Australian: “Flying Out to a Low-cost Remedy”

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Public Surgery Waiting Lists See Orthopaedic Patients Leave Australia In Australia, patients in some states and territories wait much longer than others for elective hospital procedures like orthopaedic and cardiothoracic surgery. Ultimately, ageing Australian patients suffering from age-related disorders like osteoarthritis can wait 3-5 years (or more) for much needed procedures such as hip or […]

Griffith University Alumnus Awards: “Medical Science Alumnus of the Year”

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The Griffith University Health Group produces world-class professionals in a broad range of health-related professional disciplines and research. The Griffith Health Outstanding Alumni Awards recognise the remarkable achievements and successes of alumni who have gained Australian and international recognition, not only for academic and professional accomplishments but for altruistic pursuits in keeping with Griffith University’s […]

Today Show: “Muscle Addiction and the Steroid Epidemic with Dr Daniel Donner”

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On Tuesday, 16th March 2016, Dr Daniel Donner was invited onto the Today Show Extra with David and Sonia to discuss the issues presented by the national steroid epidemic. The story helps to share the story of a former image-enhancing substance abuser James and to shine the spotlight on the true impact steroid abuse can […]

Gold Coast Bulletin: “Rise in Steroid Abuse in Australia”

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Gold Coast Bulletin The growing prevalence of anabolic steroid abuse is set to overtake ice epidemic Recently in the media, the coverage and public advocacy for healthcare support for illicit drug use has lead to fantastic progress in the war against drug abuse and addiction. Less publicised is the growing prevalence of anabolic steroid abuse, particularly […]